The purpose of PlayFortuna – is to give the players an innovative, secure and entertaining game atmosphere with numerous games, promotions or tournaments. We have tried to create for you the most comfortable gaming platform for an exciting pastime, but we understand that for some people gambling online could become a problem.

Gambling games - are just fun, they let you have a good time, valuable prizes and tickle your nerves. But, like in all areas of human activity, in the online casino you should know where to stop. PlayFortuna fully adheres to the policy of responsible gambling and makes everything possible to allow users to enjoy a safe and fun game, without losing control.

Protection of minors.

Persons under 18 years old or under the age of legal capacity, if it is over 18 years in the jurisdiction of the country where the user is located, are prohibited from gambling in casino PlayFortuna. This requirement is stated in the rules of the casino, so all minor players who try to register on the site PlayFortuna, will be considered as violators of the rules. Casino management reserves the right to report about these users the appropriate authorities. If someone except you has access to your computer, we recommend you to use special software that limits access to online casinos. For example: Cyberpatrol, Netnanny, Icra.


- Do not leave minors unattended in front of the computer if you visit an online casino or there are some casino programs installed on your computer;

- Do not use password data storage function if your children use your PC;

- Do not allow minors access to gambling sites;

- Keep the information about the credit card or other payment system out of reach of children;

- Limit the amount of time that your children spend online.

Monitor your own game.

The vast majority of the players visit gambling sites for entertainment. Fully acceptable is temperate participation in online gambling within your financial means. But for some people, the game ceases to be a form of entertainment and becomes a problem that should be seriously considered.

When the player's behavior should be accepted as addiction?

It’s difficult to define the line between passion and pleasure. However, there are diagnostic signals that may indicate a problem. The probability of gambling addiction is pretty high if you answered “yes” to at least five of the following questions:

- Are you deeply involved in the game?

- Are your stakes constantly increasing?

- Do you often gamble longer than planned?

- Do you borrow money in order to play?

- Does gambling negatively affect your reputation?

- Has it happened that you tried to control your participation in the games, but the attempts were unsuccessful?

- Are you annoyed and frustrated if you do not have an opportunity to play?

- Have the games become the way for you to get away from trouble and problems?

- Do you often recoup?

-Do you lie your intimate people about your gambling behavior?

-Have the gambling ever causes the troubles in your family?

If you feel that games cause discomfort and even addiction, ask the experienced professionals for help, so that they help you to get rid of the addiction.

If you or someone of your intimate friends has gambling addiction, we recommend you to choose one of the following organizations to ask for help: Gamblers Anonymous, Gambling Therapy Helpline, GamCare.

Tips for managing the game.

Gambling games are fun and enjoyable pastime. The main thing is to make reasonable decision about how much money you can afford to spend.

A few tips:

- Determine in advance the time you spend on the game;

- Determine the maximum amount of loss and do not exceed it;

- Do not borrow money in order to play games;

- Find a new hobby, and combine it with the game;

- Do not play if you are depressed or stressed.